ATTENTION: Men Who Want More From Their Lives

Discover how to take control of your life, work and relationships ...
… even if you feel invisible to the world.

Have you ever felt ‘handcuffed’ and not able to speak freely about what matters
to you


Two-thirds of men feel caged and emasculated by society and forced to hide their inner strength until they even forget they even have it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about misogyny and a dislike of women – in fact, it’s the opposite. It is the reclamation of what it is to be a man.

If you look deep inside yourself you will find your masculine strength. A defiant spark which, when nurtured and fed, will give you the inner fire to take your stand as a man in this world.

Watch this video to discover how to find that spark, how to bring it to life and the impact it will have on your career, your wealth, your relationship and how others view and treat you.

  • Discover how Masculine and Feminine Archetypes (and their ‘shadows’) control your life. Until you use their strengths to clarify your problems and work with them to solve them from a position of power.
  • Assert your true, authentic nature. Become grounded and able to effortlessly handle any situation so you remain in control and able to focus on the outcomes YOU need.
  • Step into your Power. Feel aligned and able to flow effortlessly from success to success, even in areas of your life you had almost given up on.


John Haddow, Sales VP Major IT Company. February 2018

“Working with Brad over a number of months provided me with structure and space to think about the ‘big questions’ that I had been avoiding thinking about and also highlighted I needed to find more time for myself and to get off of auto-pilot with work/life balance.

Brad helped me with life problem-solving. Some problems I knew I had, some I did not or did not want to admit to having.

Prior to working with Brad, I had invested some time with MOE Foundation developing my coaching skills and meeting like-minded individuals. Brad was one of the trainers on the MOE class and we agreed to work together independently. Being close to retirement, I had a general life-plan, however, some anxiety regarding ‘what next’ and if I was performing my current job well enough and was challenged with my work/life balance.

Brad was keen to have regular sessions over Skype which worked well, as I could fit into my work & travel schedule. Brad provided me with honest and fair feedback during the sessions encouraging me to engage, think carefully about what next and how my general behaviour and outlook was impacting on my partner, friends and colleagues – on a day to day basis.

The ‘light-switch’ moment came when I realised that I was on auto-pilot at work and home and was suffering from anxiety & stress. We explored some Mindfulness techniques and Brad recommended some additional reading. I am now more self-aware of the need for a better work/life balance and think about how my behaviour impacts others, on a daily basis. I now regularly find time to walk 25-30 miles per week, which allows me more ‘thinking-time’. I now feel more relaxed, balanced and self-aware.

I try harder to be a more ‘chilled-out’ and a better person in all external interactions, with myself and family. The simple tip of reviewing at the end of each day all the interactions with people and if something could have been ‘better’ make an effort the next day to tell that person (in person or phone, text email), that the interaction could have been better – was pretty cool, and works. Also thanking people more often genuinely, at work and home makes for a more positive environment.

Brad is a good listener and brings his life-skills experience to the table, as required. I found working with Brad challenging but rewarding and would recommend anyone who wants to seriously think about the ‘big questions’ to contact Brad.”

Luke, Writer & Video Game Designer. March 2018