Psychological & Emotional Management Coaching Specialising in helping Men overcome, Embrace & Integrate the things they would rather not talk about to anyone else!

Encouraging Leaders to take Giant Leaps of Consciousness into Their Zone of Genius!

What clients look for when they come to me, In their own words:

  • I had been avoiding thinking about “big questions”
  • Anxiety regarding ‘what next’ and if I was performing
  • I needed to find more time for myself and to get off auto-pilot with my work/life balance to live life more
  • Suffering from stress
  • Low esteem. gain some control over my life and confront addictions and bad habits
  • I felt at a loss as I had tried everything else possible
  • Depressed that each time followed the same pattern
  • Behavioural patterns I had that was getting in the way of my progress in life
  • A negative view of life and myself and what I was capable of. Low confidence, low self-esteem
  • Found it almost impossible to handle any pressure or responsibility due to low confidence and self-esteem
  • Issues relating to anxiety and insomnia
  • Increase my self-confidence

Results, what you can expect and more:

  • Brad provided me with structure and space to think about the ‘big questions’
  • We had sessions on Skype which worked well, as I could fit into my work travel schedule
  • Brad provided me with honest and fair feedback during each session encouraging me to engage, think carefully about what next and how my general behaviour and life outlook might be impacting my partner, friends and colleagues
  • The ‘light-switch’ moment came
  • Developing my emotional intelligence & resilience
  • More self-aware of the need for a better work/life balance
  • How my behaviour impacts others. Feel more relaxed, balanced and self-aware
  • Gain some control over my life and confront addictions and bad habits, more confident and less anxious
  • A spring in my step. Positive and confident
  • Belief in myself and the motivation. Take charge of my life, and progress towards contentment
  • Positive, liberating and an influential experience holding that space, without judgement or expectation
  • Empowered to make decisions that benefit me
  • The steady progression that Brad and I aimed for and achieved
  • Great practical techniques to enable me to realise my true goals
  • Positive, proactive and engaging energy, offering guidance and support
  • A life-changing experience. Brad provided a safe, open and non-judgemental environment
  • You don’t need to know that It works simply that It does





George Xafis | Multidisciplinary Visual Designer


Cindy | Personal Trainer & Entreprenuer 


Steven Crawford | Paramedic

"I felt at a loss as I had tried everything else possible. The patches, sprays, gum, inhalers, hypnotherapy, cold turkey, Champix and Zyban.

Over the last 15 years, I had attempted to quit so many times I had lost count and was depressed that each time followed the same pattern. I would always be continually thinking about smoking and unable to remove the desire for a cigarette. I travelled from someone who wanted a reprogramming of his brain to stop thinking about smoking, to a person who understands the long journey required to quit an addiction. This process was one of self-realisation,

I was guided by Brad to try new things and came to decisions around smoking by myself. We set targets and goals together and worked towards them. I feel so much more confident about understanding addiction and empowered to make decisions that benefit me. I believed in myself more due to the steady progression that Brad and I aimed for and achieved. Should you be considering working with Brad Go for it. You've made the first step in recognising a trait that you would like to change. Brad can guide you through it."


Rebecca Vials | Counsellor

"Brad had a great way of using his NLP skills to help me feel at ease and relaxed in his company, enough to open up about the root causes of behavioural patterns I had that were getting in the way of my progress in life. He also used some great practical techniques to enable me to realise my true goals that I will benefit from focusing on. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to move on from feeling a little stuck or lacking in direction as his approach is fast acting, professional and effective."


Nadine Robson | Lead Trainer at Ministry of Entrepreneurship Foundation 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bradley on the MOE Foundation Coach Training, where he volunteers his time to facilitate the learning of trainee coaches. He brings a positive, proactive and engaging energy, offering guidance and support to learners. Bradley takes the time to get to know all participants individually and quickly builds rapport through his genuine and warm interactions. Bradley is a talented and dedicated individual who puts the needs of the individual learners at the forefront of his training, without detracting from the aims of the sessions. I have been impressed with his level of professionalism and knowledge, sharing his expertise of coaching to support learners to further their understanding. I would certainly recommend Bradley in any facilitating/training capacity."



Beth Munby | Senior Marketing Project Manager

"I was privileged to be coached and trained by Brad as part of my MOE Coaching Certification, a 6-week coaching course taking place over February-March 2017. 

From a coaching perspective, Brad gave me the safe space to think and share my ideas and thoughts. I felt engaged by him and listened to and we built a rapport straight away. I challenged him with complex ideas which he was able to help me understand and unravel to make my goal clear and come up with achievable actions. Brad also coached outside of the course on issues relating to anxiety and insomnia. Brad helped me to approach such issues from a different angle and provided me with some tools to cope and alleviate the problem. It's safe to say I was sleeping better after just one session. 

From a training perspective, Brad was hands-on and taught me key skills in how to coach effectively, with energy and intuition. Brad was assigned to me for my assessment preparation and helped increase my self-confidence in my ability to coach successfully. Brad would always go the extra mile and to him, I am thankful for my achievement and will continue to use and develop what I learned under his training. 

Brad is an effective communicator, fantastic listener and skilled in coaching; an NLP specialist I would highly recommend."


Alex | Barista

"A negative view on life, myself and what I was capable of. I was drinking too much and was too frightened and reticent to do anything about this. I had no real career aspirations and was suffering as a result of shutting out the world and alienating those around me. I found it almost impossible to handle any sort of pressure or responsibility due to very low confidence and self-esteem. 

The process involved trying to pinpoint how, when and why things had gone wrong in my life. Methods such as rage release, life-mapping, light hypnosis and the introduction of a variety of coping techniques made up the six sessions. Brad helped me set life-enhancing goals and tasks that have gradually raised said self-esteem, allowing me to begin breaking destructive cycles and make up for lost time. The practical and personal advice given on addiction were highly useful in assessing my relationship with alcohol. 

The main difference for me has been a new sense of optimism, in that I do actually have a lot to give and the strength to succeed and make positive change. Evaluating elements of my past has led to a better understanding of my present, and which paths to take for a better future. With Brad's help, self-loathing has gradually given way to self-acceptance, and an increased level emotional awareness. 

If you are genuinely willing to hold up a mirror to your life and improve it, then do it. Brad is a great listener and will do his utmost to guide you. However, you need to be serious about making things better for yourself through your own actions and attitude, otherwise, this sort of program won't work for you."



John Haddow | VP Sales at Oracle Communication

"Working with Bradley (Brad) over a number of months provided me with structure and space to think about the ‘big questions’ that I had been avoiding thinking about and also highlighted I needed to find more time for myself and to get off auto-pilot with my work/life balance – to live life more."

"Brad helped me with life problem-solving. Some problems I knew I had, some I did not or did not want to admit to having. Brad encouraged me to be more honest with myself. Prior to working with Brad, I had invested some time with The MOE Foundation developing my coaching skills and meeting like-minded individuals. Brad was one of the trainers on the MOE class and we agreed to work together. Being close to retirement age, I had a reasonably clear life-plan, however, some anxiety regarding ‘what next’ and if I was performing my current job well enough, should I retire and what would I do in retirement?

Brad and I had regular sessions over Skype which worked well, as I could fit into my work travel schedule. Brad provided me with honest and fair feedback during each session encouraging me to engage, think carefully about what next and how my general behaviour and life outlook might be impacting my partner, friends and colleagues. Brad was also very encouraging that I had recognised that I needed to modify some things in my lifestyle. The ‘light-switch’ moment came when I realised that I was on auto-pilot at work & home and was suffering from stress. We explored some mindfulness techniques and Brad recommended some additional reading. I continue to work on further developing my emotional intelligence & resilience.

I am now more self-aware of the need for a better work/life balance and think about how my behaviour impacts others, on a daily basis. I now regularly find time to walk 25-30 miles per week, which allows me more ‘thinking-time’. I now feel more relaxed, balanced and self-aware. I try harder to be a more ‘chilled-out’ and a better person in all external interactions. I am more honest with myself. The simple tip of reviewing at the end of each day all the interactions with people and if something could have been ‘better’ make an effort the next day to tell that person (in person or phone, text email), that the interaction could have been better– was pretty cool and worked. Also thanking people more often, at work and home makes me feel better. Brad is a good listener and brings his life-skills experience to the table. I found working with Brad challenging - he frequently took me out of my comfort-zone - but very rewarding and would recommend anyone who wants to seriously think about the ‘big questions’ or has some anxiety problems, to contact Brad."


 John Zamick | Founder & Managing Director at Distributed Generation Ltd.

"I know Brad personally and professionally. He has a strong grasp of personal development and human psychology. What has been particularly valuable for me has been his ability to deliver his insightful comments in a form that I am able to hear allowing me to make improvements to my thinking in both my personal and professional life."

Gary Nightingale | 51

"I got in touch with Brad having reached a point in my life where I literally could not go on one more day feeling the way I did. I'm 51 and I just felt that nothing I had ever done had ever really worked; there were always things in the way, and I couldn't work out what they were or stop them ruining everything – relationships, family, work, health. I was totally frustrated because I knew something was badly wrong, but I couldn't tell anyone what it was. I just felt like crap all the time and I didn't understand why or what to do about it. My relationship with my partner, who I love very much, was on the rocks.

In Brad's reply to my first message, he wrote: I hear you. That changed everything. My partner had heard me, but she couldn't help me change, no matter how much she wanted me to or I wanted to. I took the breakthrough programme with Brad, and it has now finished. Working with Brad was amazing, enlightening and powerful. It was also difficult and challenging. At times I hated his relentless attention to what was going on for me. But I came to see how essential that is – to take full responsibility for all my responses to life, to other people, to situations and circumstances. At each major hurdle I wanted to run and hide, but Brad encouraged me, with firm deliberation, to press through my painful and uncomfortable feelings and to come out the other side, with more self-awareness and more freedom.

It is not an exaggeration to say I feel liberated. I felt completely stuck. I had always believed that life is a spiritual journey of learning and discovery, but I had lost that sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I was up to my neck in my own crap and I couldn't see a way out. I was blaming everything and everyone for my situation and I was full of old resentments and self-pity. Working with Brad helped clear all that rubbish away and showed me a way forward into a brighter future.

Now I can set some real goals for my life, and I know that any obstacles in their way come from within me, and I know what to do about them when they arise. I understand myself a whole lot better. I feel strong and confident and in control of my own life. Some difficult situations have come up, around work and finances, and I have been able to meet them and deal with them and it has all worked out better than okay. That makes me feel really excited about the future. My relationship with my partner is better than ever. I have made a start on understanding and owning my emotions and communicating them clearly and honestly. I wanted to do that before I just didn't know how.

To anyone reading this, who feels the way I did before I started working with Brad, I would say – do it. Find the courage in yourself to face all the crap that's been holding you back for too long, and just do it. Right now, you can't imagine how you will feel at the end, so just trust that it's a whole lot better than where you are now. And it could save your life. The breakthrough programme has finished but I am still going to have regular one-off sessions with Brad. This isn't the end – it's just the beginning of a new stage in my journey of life. I couldn't have got here without the help and insight I got from this work. For that, I am deeply grateful."





Hi, I’m Bradley Tyack … Bradley is my “in trouble” name though so please feel free to call me Brad.

Troubled Boy, troubled teen, troubled man. High-school dropout, addict, alcoholic, emotional instability. Sobriety, Award-winning business owner, Radio personality and Voice over artist. drugs again, lost business, no more radio, arrested 7 times. Heavy debt, homeless, sobriety. New life, New country. Life coach, Trainer, Master NLP, Master Hypnotherapy, Shadow work, Jungian Psychotherapy, facilitator, speaker. The mission of service, a desire to contribute

Emotional Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as EI (or EQ), is best defined as our capacity to perceive, express, understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others in an effective and appropriate manner, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.”

A lot of the time I run into people who have a burning desire to grow and contribute but for whatever reason have not been able to break free and reach their full potential. In my experience, this type of unconscious sabotage is what prevents people from reaching their full successful self. What I do is help people find and unpack the barriers and cause of the unconscious sabotage, becoming more comfortable with themselves and step into their power!

  • Drugs/Alcohol/Addiction, Shame and Patterns of Obsessive Thought
  • Procrastination, Limiting Beliefs, No motivation, Low self-worth, Uncertainty and just plain fear
  • Communication Problems, Social awkwardness, feeling like I don’t fit in and Isolation, Business Success and Failure
  • Planned to be somewhere other than where I am in my life currently and just not there! 

All of these could have been used at one stage to describe me or my state of being at any specific point in the timeline of my life so far, the list of presenting challenges extending ad infinitum, having experienced, dealt with and sometimes managing daily all of these symptoms by daring to figure out, confront, challenge and heal the root causes deep within myself has brought me to the point of being able to help add value to fellow sufferers of the human condition.

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.” – Aristotle


Certifications & Experience

  • MOE (Ministry of Entrepreneurship) Life coach trainer
  • MOE Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner 
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • The Mankind Project Contributor and Shadow Work Process Facilitator


  • Mentoring for Men
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Improving communication
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Creating the integrated self through Shadow Work therapy

HOW is anything really successfully achieved? Honesty, Open-mindedness & Willingness. That’s how!”



                                 The best heroes in myth, the ones we love and cherish, they follow an arch. They all walked the same path. They answered the call, met the mentor, battled the threshold guardians and come out of it stronger than they have ever been,...

Unconscious Sabotage or Unsettling Behaviour?

A lot of the time I run into people who have a burning desire to grow and contribute but for whatever reason have not been able to break free and reach their full potential. In my experience, this type of unconscious sabotage is what prevents people from reaching...

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Speaking the Truth!

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Begin where you are?

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The 90/10 rule when it comes to feelings

No information is invaluable especially when it comes to the way we feel about things. Whether or not the circumstances that surround instances we experience are true or not, how we feel about them is true to us. Is it not tough enough living with our own thoughts at...

Shadow & Gold

We all have a collection of past experiences, it's the nature of this beast. What might be referred to as "rear view mirror" life references are often more important than we realise. There can be an absolute advantage to being brave enough to look back and embrace the...


If you don’t know what a Shadow is, you in for one of the most ground-breaking experiences of your life! 

Understanding how to work with my shadows has been one of the most impactful, accelerating influences in my personal and professional growth.


Shadow – Part of Myself That I Hide Repress and Deny!


Thoughts, words, actions, behaviour, impulses, addictions, compulsions, likes, dislikes, prejudice, pain, sorrow, fear, anger, aggression, self-worth, sadness, depression, sexuality, bias!

Here’s the truth, many of the things you’re doing – even what appear to be the good things – are being compelled by an unconscious shadow keeping you stuck. It’s one of the main reasons you could be doing all the ‘right’ things and getting little to no results – or worse, feeling more overwhelmed and burned out.

Without an ability to integrate your shadows, you’ll just keep going in circles, driving with the brakes on, burning out your engine!

Here are some signs that you’re suffering from an unconscious Shadow Pattern:

–  Lack of Clarity of Purpose

–  An Inability to Start Things or Follow Through on What You Start

–  Procrastination

–  Lack of Focus

–  Burn Out or Overwhelm

–  Feeling Like You’re Spinning Your Wheels & Getting Nowhere

–  A Need to Hide, a Fear of Full Self Expression

–  An Inability to Sell Yourself or Your Work Without Shame or Apology

–  Struggle with Making Plans and Having Solid Structure

–  Trouble Asking For What You Really Need and Want

–  And so much more!


Xpress Yourself Coaching helps you identify, acknowledge, heal, and integrate these Shadows revealing all of your Gold!

Get In touch now for a consultation on how to be your best self!


Questions that can help me decide if Coaching is for me


1. Do I pretend to be a different person when I am with different groups of people just to feel accepted?

2. Am I always blaming others rather than taking responsibility?

3. Am I afraid of making mistakes even though there are no punishments at all?

4. Do people around me seem negative and difficult to get along with?

5. Am I doing what I truly want to do?

6. How many promises have I made and how many of them I have fulfilled?

7. Do I know what my values are?

8. Is there anything I can’t let go of but I know you should?

9. Do I remember anyone I hated 10 years ago? Does it matter now?

10. If I had to die now, would I have any regrets?

11. If today would be the end of the world, would I have achieved everything my heart desires?

12. Do I have a yearning in my soul to live up to my full potential but just don’t know how?

13. Am I  displaying behaviours I would rather not and struggling emotionally with circumstance, relationships and life?




Find your "Mojo" Step from Fear Into Freedom
From start to finish we work on what is holding you back in your life! The stuff you are too ashamed to tell anyone else or feel like they don’t understand. Personal life, Intimate relationships and relationships with friends and family will be suffering because of it. Alcohol or some other addictive compulsive behaviour and or thinking plays a part in this. Repeatedly and persistently displaying and acting out the same patterns that aren’t serving you or others in your life. Deep NLP and Coaching work, Identifying personal values and understanding and embracing emotions, discovering and shifting in a big way what is holding you back, breaking patterns and cycles of behaviour and creating new productive ones, you will be free to show up fully in your power after this breakthrough!. You will get perspective on your life, we will identify your core values & principles, identify & address limiting beliefs & design & implement new ones. tackle patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you & integrate new ones. We will confront your Shadows and all of this will reveal your Gold!
Emergent Genius - Next Level Leadership & Success
A lot of the time I run into people who have a burning desire to grow and contribute but for whatever reason have not been able to break free and reach their full potential. In my experience what often happens is that people reach what is known as a zone of excellence, do well there, begin to feel complacent, know they have more to offer, but struggle continuously to reach the sweet spot known as the zone of Genius. This type of unconscious sabotage, in personal life and in Leadership is what prevents people from reaching their full successful self. What I do is help people find and unpack the barriers and cause of the unconscious sabotage, becoming more comfortable with themselves and step into their power and Leadership. We introduce mindfulness and meditation and unpack the idea and concept of the Upper Limit Problem and how to identify it and solutions in overcoming it, identifying the barriers, answering pivotal personal questions then accessing the zone of Genius and achieving an expanded amount of abundance, success and flow, not only in leadership and business, also in your personal life!
Emotional Intelligence, Deeper Communication and Consciousness for Organisations

“Working with Brad gave me the space to think about the ‘big questions’, Anxiety regarding what next and whether I was performing in my current job well enough. I was challenged with my work/life balance. I am now more self-aware and think about how my behaviour impacts others on a daily basis” John Haddow, VP Sales, Oracle Communications

Corporate upskilling programmes include: -Emotional Intelligence, Support among Piers and Resilience -Understanding Behavioural Styles -Adaptability as an Influencing Skill -Leadership Listening, Communication & Feedback -Xpanded Self Awareness at Work Advantages & Benefits include: Skilful, Deeper, Accountable Communication and Listening creating a more cohesive and amiable working unit. Powerful Group Facilitation Insights Self Awareness and Mangement of Personal Emotions. Conflict Resolution and Enhanced Teamwork Effective Strategies to deal with Fear, Anger and Anxiety Improving overall Wellbeing.